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Moving forward…

So – a young singer/actress named Chloe Golden is going to be doing the audiobook for Smoke, Wings and Stone. I found her through ACX – of course – and her audition kicked serious butt. I hope to have the audiobook available up by November, and by then (hopefully) the second book of the series will be close to finished.

The second book finds Sara at Juilliard, so I’m planning a field trip there in the next few weeks so I know what the heck I’m writing about. I also introduced a demon named Ted – things are looking good for book 2.

The reviews are coming in slowly, and are pretty good so far – even on Goodreads, and as we all know, they take their books VERY seriously over there. 5-star overall at B&N, 4.9 on Amazon, and 4.08 at Goodreads. Hoping to do a few more giveaways this month. And I even had some sales!! Yay me!!!